DP309 flowmeter
DP309 flowmeter
DP309 flowmeter
DP309 flowmeter
DP309 flowmeter

Shandong Dolphinmed Technology Co .,Ltd ( summaried as "Dolphinmed"), is one professonal producer of ICU ventilator,anesthesia machine ,Medical Air Compressor,Anesthesia vaporizer,Anesthesia ventialtor,veterinary anesthesia machine,veterinary anesthesia ventilator,anesthesia NC parts etc., located at High Technology Development Area ,is high Technology Eterprise ,the R&D and Marketing Center located in China capital Beijing,own the independent NC center.

Product introduction

Double flowmeter, 0-10L, can be used at the same time

Oxygen laughs linkage, automatically calculates the proportion of output gas

Transparent shell for easy observation

Knob switch, gear adjustment

Durable, stable output

Flowmeter for anesthesia machine

O2  0-1,1-10L/min

N2O  0-1,1-10L/min

Air  0-1,1-10L/min

O2 Single tube flowmeter

O2 two tube flowmeter

O2&N2O flowmeter

O2,N2O&Air flowmeter

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