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In the process of using the ventilator mask, there may be some leakage of the ventilator. If such a situation occurs, it will have a very big impact on a sleep treatment in time, the most intuitive feeling That is, the part of the mask of the ventilator that is in contact with the skin will feel any discomfort due to the stimulation of the cold wind. If there is a leak, you will also learn that the pressure inside the mask will not reach the predetermined pressure, which will directly affect the effect of the treatment at this time.


  In the process of using the ventilator mask, it is very likely that there will be such a leaking behavior. Then the reason for such a situation may be that the quality of the material is slightly poor. Only a slightly poorer quality is possible. There will be the probability of this kind of air leakage, so many times when consumers buy this kind of accessories, they must check whether the quality they buy is good enough, and don't try to buy some quality. A very bad mask, otherwise, when it is used, it will not be able to achieve a good position for its own use effect.

One more thing to note is that when buying this type of ventilator mask, the most critical part is to choose a mask with a suitable size, and the headband part of the ventilator. The elasticity can be adjusted. This adjustment The part must also be very moderate. The headband part of the ventilator mask, the tighter you get tired, the less likely it is to leak air. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the entire silicone cushion part has stronger elasticity.

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