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  After heart surgery, the cardiopulmonary function of patients is affected to a certain extent, and a ventilator is often needed as a means of life support for a period of time after surgery.


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The main purpose of using a ventilator is: 1. Support alveolar ventilation. Make the alveolar ventilation reach the normal level and maintain the arterial partial pressure of carbon dioxide within the basically normal range; 2. Improve or maintain arterial oxygenation. Under the condition of appropriate inhaled oxygen concentration, make arterial blood oxygen saturation>90% (equivalent to arterial oxygen partial pressure>60mmHg). 3. Maintain or increase lung volume. The full expansion of the lungs at the end of inhalation, that is, the maintenance of the lung volume at the end of inhalation, can prevent and treat atelectasis and its related oxygenation, compliance, and defense mechanism abnormalities. By applying positive end-expiratory pressure to maintain or increase functional residual capacity, it can be used to treat postoperative hypoxemia. 4. Reduce the work of breathing. The work of mechanical ventilation reduces the work of the respiratory muscles of the patient, reduces the oxygen consumption of the respiratory muscles, and improves the oxygen supply of other important organs or tissues.

Indications for discontinuation of the ventilator after cardiac surgery:

1. The patient is conscious and responds well to the outside world;

2. Respiration is steady, spontaneous breathing is strong, breath sounds in both lungs are symmetrical;

3. Stable circulation, stable vital signs, warm peripherals, and low dosage of vasoactive drugs;

4. Blood pressure and blood gas are in the normal range: ph7.35~7.45, Pco2<45mmhg, Po2>80mmg;

5. No arrhythmia;

6. The parameters of the ventilator are in the normal range PEEP<4cm H2O, Fio2<0.4, TV>Kg10ml;

7. There is not much chest drainage, no signs of bleeding and second thoracotomy.

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