Dolphinmed delivery high precious veterinary anaesthesia equipment with UK anesthesia vaporizer . It is suitable for animal hospital, pet clinic and animal laboratory. This technical index of animal anaesthesia machine can meet the needs of general anesthesia and medical research on mice, dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, pigs, sheep and other animals in animal hospital or laboratory.

Product introduction

Animal-specific bellows design to meet the needs of clinical scientific research.

Suitable for small animals, Non-breathing circuit(Jackson or Bains Absorber) is available.

Professional airtight breathing circuit design, provide the stable gas anesthesia, save anesthesia gas consumption, to ensure a clean operating room and laboratory environment.

External and reusable soda lime canister, easily watch and replace soda lime.

With Oxygen flush function to ensure that clinical anesthesia demand and Oxygen supply demand.

Anaesthesia CO2 absorber assembly has no dead angle design, fast anesthesia, short recovery and high precision. The CO2 absorber supports both open and close anaesthesia design and provides independent access .

Provide a special Pop-Off  valve,Occlusion design, it can  connected to the exhaust gas recovery system and provide a continuous 2 cmH2O negative pressure for the reaspirato airbag ,reducing valve to prevent pressure to hurt the animal, ensure the animal safety .

Provides an accurate oxygen flow meter with a display range of 0 to 5LPM

Vaporizer: the output concentration is not affected by the change of flow, pressure and temperature, accurate and reliable, equipped with safety locking device to prevent

anesthetic leakage.

The hard aluminum solid shell is used, and the surface sanding treatment is adopted, so that the cleaning and disinfection are more convenient.

Visible inspiration and expiration valve

With fresh gas output connector ,specifically designed to accomodate low flow

Technical Specification

Vet Main unit

Working mode


Driving mode

Gas drive


0.5kg-100kg animal

Anesthesia vaporizer

MSS Isoflurane 

Fast oxygen flush  


Gas source pressure

Oxygen 0.25Mpa~0.65Mpa


High-quality aluminum alloy profile, with storage frame and special interface for exhaust gas emission

CO2 Absorber

Sodium Lime Tank Capacity



The animal-specific integrated circuit can be sterilized at high temperature and high pressure at 134 ℃. The dedicated interface can be connected to an open circuit, suitable for low-flow small animals.

Valve piece

Visible ceramic valve piece, easy to observe animal breathing.

Pop off valve

Directs the waste anesthetic gas from the machine to a scavenging system. In the completely open position, the pop-off valve will release pressure at 2 cm H2O, while maintain a constant passive volume in the breathing bags. 

Anesthesia Vaporizer



Concentration scope


Flow rate scope


With pressure, flow and temperature automatic compensation function;equipped with safety lock



Main unit ,Oxygen gas supply hose,cylinder pressure regulator,MSS anesthesia vaporizer,Trolley, Animal breathing circuit,Exhaust gas absorption system,Tracheal intubation,Animal anesthesia mask,Anesthesia throato scope,Sodium Lime,Active carbon


Ventilator bracket,Anesthesia ventilator,Non-breathing circuit.

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