A wide range of ventilation at adultpediatric and infant

Easy to use interface design,12.1 color touch-screen TFT display and shuttle knob design, quick and efficient operation

Integrated expiration module build-in heating system could be sterilized whole, ensure use safely and no cross-infection; no-water design, guarantee the precious detection. 

Pressure, volume, time respiratory mode security, could inspect pressure in inspiratory phase, volume, time exceed the regulated value, turn into expiratory, ensure patient safety. 

Simultaneously display of Three Waveforms&Two Loops,ETCO2 &SPO2

High precious sensor and valve technology make sure the pressure ,flow and volume monitor and control at high safety, stability and precision

With sensitive pressure and flow double trigger function.

Build-in inspiratory and expiratory flow sensor, durable and water coagulation resistant.

Maintenance-free imported flow sensor with heating and filtration technology

Adjust SmartVent function automatically, adjust inspiratory pressure and breathing frequency, approaching the target tidal volume and minute ventilator. 

Three-level visual and audible alarm information system

With Inspiration hold&Expiration hold,Manuel Breath and 100% O2 Flushing

Lowest in class bias flow 2.0lpmlow O2 consumption

Automatic tube&leakage compensation technology

Upgradable to main stream CapnographyEtCO2&Pulse OximetrySPO2

With Non-invasive and invasive ventilation function

Automatically inspiratory synchronous nebulizing function, nebulizing time adjustable;with tidal volume compensation1-30 min

Built-in backup battery provide the emergency power supply 2 hours to the unit.

Product introduction

Technical Specifications   

Ventilation mode for adult&pediatric,infant(optional)

VCV, VC-SIMV,PCV,PC-SIMV,PSV/CPAP with auto Apnea backup

APRV, PRVC,SIMV-PRVC,Duovent,SmartVent(optional)


nSIMV (Optional),Standby

ETS option under pressure mode    

Patient TypeAdultPediatricinfant(optional)

Tidal volumeAdult 150-2000ml; Pediatric 20-350ml; Infant2-100ml

FrequencyAdult1-100 bpm; Pediatric1-150 bpm; Infant1-200bpm

Inspiration time:Adult&pediatric 0.1-12s,infant:0.1-3s

Monitoring parameter:Ppeak,Pmean,Pplat,PEEP,Vti,Vte,MVe,MV_cont.,MV_spont,  F_Ppeak_inspF_Peak_Exp,Leak%,Freq,F_cont,F_spont,%F_Spont,I:E,Ti,Te,Ti/T total,FiO2,(SPO2,EtCO2-Optional),Cstat,Cdyn,Rins,Rexp,RSBI,WOB,Auto PEEP,MIP,PO.1   

Alarm:Audio and visual alarms

Volumes:VTe high/low.Mv MV high/low,TIdal volume not reached,HIgh leak,

Pressure:Peak Pressure high/low,Pressure limitation.O2 supply high/low/fail,Air supply pressure high/low/fail,Apnea,Apnea Backup,Freq high/low,FiO2 High/low,Circle Block,Circuit disconnection

Power:AC power fail,Low battery,Battery too low   FIO2:21%-100%(0-5 minutes)

Flow Trigger:0-20L/min                        Pressure Trigger-20-0 cmH2O

Pressure Control5-120 cmH2O                 Pressure Support5-120 cmH2O

I:E ratio1:9.9-9.9:1                          Electronic PEEP0-50 cmH2O

Nebulizer0-30 minutes(optional)        100% O20-5 minutes

WaveformsP-T,F-T,V-TETCO2 &SPO2(OptionalLoops: P-V,P-V,P-F(optional)

Recall/Reviews1500 alarm events,

   72 hours Trend Numerical&Graphical(optional)

   72 hours Breath to Breath Waveform ReviewOptional

General info

Communication InterfaceVGA,USB,RJ45  

Net weight12kg    Battery120 minutes

Air/Oxygen Gas supply2.4 to 6.0 barAir compressorOptional

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